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Replace Your Lost Teeth Seamlessly with Dental Implants in Plano

Happy couple with beautiful smilesIf your smile is currently incomplete, rest assured that it doesn’t have to stay that way. Dr. Cheung is always happy to help patients regain a full set of strong and attractive teeth that they can truly rely on, and dental implants are the best method available today for doing so. They’re strong, naturally beautiful, and capable of lasting for the rest of your life. To get started, contact Esthetic Image Dentistry today to schedule your very own consultation.

Why Are Dental Implants the Right Choice?

Implant supported dental crown animation

Your tooth is composed of two distinct, but equally important parts: the crown and the root. The crown is the white part that everyone’s familiar with; in fact, traditional tooth replacement solutions only bother with rebuilding this section because it’s front and center. However, the root that supports the tooth from under the gum line is also extremely important to your ongoing oral health. Without a functioning tooth root in place, a patient’s jaw can start to deteriorate because it’s no longer being stimulated. That’s why so many older people who have lost teeth gain a “hunched” facial appearance over time.

Dental implants are a step above the rest because they rebuild the entire tooth and do so in a natural-looking and durable fashion.  They can be treated just like the rest of your smile with regular oral hygiene and checkups, and their high-quality nature can be relied on for many, many years.

What Happens During Implant Placement?

Animation of dental implant restoration

After a patient has been determined to be a good candidate for dental implants, the first major step of treatment is to have the new “tooth root” (the implant itself) surgically inserted into their jawbone. Dr. Cheung is able to provide this service right here in-office instead of having to refer out to a specialist, which saves his valued patients time and travel costs. Once the biocompatible implant is securely in place within the mouth, the patient’s natural bone will gradually start to form around it. This process is officially known as osseointegration, and it takes place over several months. Essentially, we’re creating a sturdy and healthy foundation that will be capable of supporting the patient’s eventual restoration(s) in the long-term.

What Are My Options For Implant Restoration?

Animation of implant-retained restoration

If a patient has a singular implant/tooth that is in need of restoration, an all-ceramic dental crown can do the job well. The crown will cover the implant and rebuild the tooth’s original appearance without threatening the livelihood of surrounding natural teeth.

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