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TMJ Therapy Can Help Alleviate Chronic Jaw Pain

Man in pain holding jawIf you suffer from headaches or migraines, chronic earaches, popping or clicking jaw joints, teeth grinding, pain located around the head, neck, jaw, or shoulders, you may have temporomandibular joint dysfunction, commonly called TMJ disorder. Your jaw joints allow your mandible to open, close, and move from side to side. When these sensitive joints become misaligned, you may experience pain that ranges from mild to severe.

Dr. Cheung can evaluate your TMJ and determine if the misalignment is the source of your problems. If you have TMJ disorder, he may recommend a custom oral splint to hold your jaws in proper alignment. Some patients’ jaw muscles “reprogram” to the correct position after oral splint therapy. Others wear their oral splint indefinitely. Dr. Cheung may also recommend stress relief exercises, physical therapy, or changing your habits (no more chewing gum, for example). Don’t live with nagging TMJ pain. Reclaim your quality of life and proper oral function with minimally invasive TMJ therapy from Dr. Cheung.

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